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About Us

Power for your OEM & ODM!

Your most reliable supplier and partner

TAILUEN was established in 2003 and is a specialized in Office furniture manufacturer based in Taiwan.
Other than that, our OEM/ODM products covers a range of Healthcare, Hospital products & Casters, RV Products and Any assorted products/components/assemblies related to metal fabrication, die casting, plastic injection, stamping and extrusions processes.

One-Stop Solution with Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities & Engineering

We have a very experienced R&D team with advanced manufacturing skills and high quality control capacity. Products are mostly sold to Europe & North America regions. 80% are exported and 20% domestic sales.

We are your one-stop interface to production in Taiwan - ensure and control the products’ quality and will be your reliable partner on the other side of the world.


Our Core Values



The professionalism we expect from our team is a collection of traits that put together make up an exceptional employee, and in turn, a successful company. These traits include knowledge, reliability, competence, dependability, be organized and Integrity.


We expect all team members to be high performers; to work rigorously to meet all expectations and goals with the company’s best interest in mind and our employees to conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of being depended upon.


Committing to great product, service, and taking care of the customers as they were one’s own and providing the best engineering & manufacturing support to the customers around the world. 

Product Customization

We offer the one-stop solution service to customers' product customization! The diversity of R&D and manufacturing process makes us strong and can 100% adapted to our customers’ needs, no matter in which industry.

 Customer Satisfaction

Besides price and quality, Tailuen always steps into customers’ shoes and offers A Personal Touch Service. We provide our customer with prompt, efficient and considered support so that they can be successful.

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